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Lab Chemicals
POWDER PACK CHEM is supplying Lab Chemicals that are formulated in powder and liquid mediums to fulfill various testing processes. These chemicals are delivered to the customers with over 98% purity.
Cellulose Chemical
Our company, POWDER PACK CHEM, is offering the customers Cellulose, which is basically a molecule of over thousands on oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms. It is used in numerous industrial processes inferable to its purity and quality.
We have an assortment of Gum that are modified and water-soluble. The variants are marketed at feasible prices because they are often used in the food, healthcare, and similar industries.
POWDER PACK CHEM is supplying a Balsam range that is available in various grades, textures, and quantities. It is extensively used in the aromatherapy processes and the incense industry.
POWDER PACK CHEM is famous in the pharmaceutical industry because it has a vast inventory of Potassium. It is generally used as a reagent compound that find major application in the scientific labs. 
Our company is acknowledged for supplying Tungsten that has W as the chemical element symbol. It also holds 74 as an atomic number. This compound is available in distinctive grades at affordable prices.
POWDER PACK CHEM delivers Sorbitan that is also available in monostearate grade. It is extensively used in the manufacturing process of healthcare and food products. This compound also acts as a surfactant.
Our company delivers a range of Vitamins including vitamin A acetate, vitamin B1, vitamin E Acetate, and many other variants. These are used in countless medicines, drugs, ointments, and various medical products.
Sodium Base Chemicals
Unlock industrial potential with our Sodium Base Chemicals, a cornerstone for diverse applications. Meticulously formulated for superior quality, these chemicals serve as catalysts, reactants, or neutralizers. From manufacturing to water treatment, our Sodium Base Chemicals ensure precision and reliability, empowering industries with the essential building blocks for their processes.
Aluminium Base Chemicals
Empower your industrial processes with our Aluminium Base Chemicals, meticulously formulated for excellence. Serving as catalysts, coatings, or alloys, these chemicals deliver superior performance in diverse applications. From aerospace to construction, our Aluminium Base Chemicals are the foundation for innovation, ensuring reliability and efficiency across a spectrum of industrial needs.
Antimony Base Chemicals
Experience advanced chemical solutions with our Antimony Base Chemicals. Carefully formulated for superior performance, these chemicals play a vital role in various industrial applications, from flame retardants to electronics. Our Antimony Base Chemicals guarantee precision and reliability, providing essential components for cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes.
Barium Base Chemicals
Elevate industrial processes with our Barium Base Chemicals, expertly formulated for optimal performance. From specialized alloys to drilling fluids, these chemicals play a crucial role in diverse applications. Ensuring precision and reliability, our Barium Base Chemicals provide essential components for industries demanding excellence, innovation, and efficiency.
Bismuth Base Chemicals
Unleash innovation with our Bismuth Base Chemicals, meticulously crafted for cutting-edge applications. From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, these chemicals are indispensable for their unique properties. Our Bismuth Base Chemicals guarantee precision and reliability, empowering industries with the essential elements for advanced technologies and manufacturing processes.

Brilliant Chemical
Discover brilliance with our premium Brilliant Chemical. Formulated for excellence, this chemical compound serves as a key ingredient in various industrial applications, from manufacturing to technology. With unparalleled purity and efficacy, our Brilliant Chemical ensures superior results, making it an essential component for industries seeking top-tier performance and innovation.

"We are accepting maximum order quantity of 500 Kg."
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